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Thank you also for your kind hospitality! You have the best studio thus far! It's the little things that make you awesome like the shampoo/conditioner/body wash dispenser, make your own smoothie bar, yoga outfits, nutritional supplements, 4 showers for women!!!! And even plastic bags for our wet stinky stuff! A lot of thought and love and care was put into your studio and it was such a pleasure to be a part of it during my travels!

Thank you again and Namaste!

— Michelle

I have had the pleasure of your class for 2 consecutive days now.

Although both days have been challenging, I made it through them and immediately felt better as a result. The struggle, internal and external, to fathom completing 90 minutes of yoga work set in during the initial breathing exercise. I quickly decided I must take each moment as it came and began to cease anticipating the future and immerse myself in the right now. I have struggled with this all my life, continually living for the future.

Although there have been a few dizzy spells when my head was lower than my heart, I breathed through them and followed your lead for success.

I came to your studio with few physical complaints; but one was plantar fascitis. It is gone. Thank you.

The first day my skin was soft and smooth, especially the parts with cellulite. What a bonus!!

I know one of my weaknesses is my quad/thigh/buttocks strength and am looking forward to working on these areas in the classes.

Thank you for your wonderful studio and for entering my life.

— Jill

"After much lower back pain, I was referred to Bikram Yoga by my daughter in Dallas, Texas, who practices with her friends. After a few sessions, I was able to stand up with no help.

After 45 sessions, I have lost excess weight, lost the back pain, feel stronger physically and mentally, and am looking forward to what the next weeks and months in Bikram yoga will enable me to accomplish. Thanks to Ben and all his instructors for being so supportive and encouraging."

— Harry K.

"Bikram Yoga Studio in Peoria, managed by Mr. Ben Tosuner has been life changing for me and my entire family... I am 52 years young, a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander with 30 years of service and a combat and disabled veteran. ...herniated disks from L1 through L5 and the worse narrowing is between L5 and S1, high blood pressure, arthritis in my shoulders and high cholesterol... To date, trips to the emergency room for a shot of "Toradol" for lower back pain, has completely stopped. I am no longer on cholesterol medication, my range of movement has significantly improved and my blood pressure medication has been changed 3x in the past year with a lower dosage each time. I can now carry my 10lb granddaughter in one of those baby back packs that strap on the front with ease and I can drive for more than 1 hour without having to get out of the car every 25 minutes..." read more

— Julian

"... thank you for helping Doug. It is making quite a difference..." read more

— G. P. S. MD, Arizona Cardiology Group

"Bikram Yoga has helped me lose over 80 pounds. I have gained muscle mass, increased my flexibility, improved my overall happiness, increased my energy level and it has helped me gain confidence."

— Willow

"I am OCD and when I started the yoga I began to see growth in my professional life. Our radio show's ratings went through the roof, we picked up more cities, and we're getting more, knock on wood, and I'm convinced it's because of Bikram Yoga. It helps me unwind and focus on things other than the craziness in my life. Bikram Yoga helped my body heal fast, it has helped with my back problem and my short temper."

— Johnjay

The yoga works for me mentally, spiritually and physically. I am on my 87th day in a row. I dropped 4 waist sizes from 38 to 34. I am influenced by all the teachers. There is one word to describe me in class, "drama." I am working to get rid of that in my life. One teacher asked me to stand tall and proud and act as if I was meeting my God when looking in the front mirror.

— John

When I met Bikram Yoga, I was in a bad shape. I had high blood pressure, eczema, a backache when sleeping, insomnia because of that, really slow metabolism, constipation, crankiness and whole a lot of stress. I liked Bikram Yoga because it made all these things fade and eventually go away. It helped me to focus on myself but nothing else. It helped me to concentrate on what my body needed. I feel much healthier now than 3 years ago when I started bikram yoga

— Adam

"Bikram Yoga helped me with stress management, anxiety and knee pain issues, and most importantly helped me reduce cholesterol... My bad cholesterol dropped from 160 to 90..." read more
For the past seven years, I have had some concerns over high cholesterol. I had borderline high LDL cholesterol levels.
JUL 2003: LDL 149 total 223 (age 37)
JAN 2004: LDL 160 total 239
MAY 2005: LDL 130 total 192
DEC 2006: LDL 134 total 200
FEB 2008: started Bikram Yoga
MAY 2008: LDL 136 total 186
FEB 2010: LDL 90 total 161 (age 44)
LDL Level mg/dL
000 to 99: Optimal LDL cholesterol
100 to 129: Near optimal LDL level
130 to 159: Borderline high LDL level
160 to 189: High LDL level
200 to ---: Very high LDL level
I just wasn't happy to see these numbers at age 37. I knew I wasn't headed the right direction... With some diet changes, I was able to maintain relatively acceptable total cholesterol. However, my bad cholesterol always stayed around the borderline high levels.
I took my first Bikram Yoga class on February 10, 2008, and started my first 60-day-challenge on March 1, 2008. Having completed almost 80 classes over three months, I was so hopeful that my newly developed exercise habit would help reduce the LDL cholesterol.
So, in May 2008, I went to my family physician to get tested. From 134 in December 2006 to 136 in May 2008, my LDL cholesterol went up 2 points. The total cholesterol showed a small sign of improvement, but I was not happy with the LDL count...
Most likely, Bikram yoga did reduce the LDL cholesterol. But, because I did not get tested before starting Bikram Yoga, no one could tell what the impact was at that time.
I continued my practice, which helped me with stress management, anxiety and knee pain issues. I went to Teacher Training in September 2008, completing almost 100 classes over 61 days. After the TT, during 2009, I completed two more 60-day challenges. I lost 25 pounds over this time period. On July 1, 2009, I became a vegetarian. On January 2, 2010, I started my fourth 60-day challenge...
Finally, It was time for another blood test. On March 5, 2010, I went to my doctor's office to review the results with her. I was in her office nervously waiting, praying for a good result. I was willing to take 115 or 120, just to show some improvement, just to prove that what I did over the past almost two years was not for nothing.
My doctor came in, logged in to her computer, was looking at the results. She turned me and said "Ben, are you taking any cholesterol reducing medicine?" I was somewhat confused. I said "No". I added "I have been a vegetarian since July 2009". She said "the results I am seeing here, the reduction you show, cannot be achieved by simply changing diet". She added "this much reduction we see when patients are on medication". I said "well, I have been doing Bikram Yoga since February 2008". She said "whatever it is, you have done a good job".
I said "can you please tell me what it is". She said " your LDL cholesterol is 90". I could not believe it. A reduction of 46 points. I was finally in the optimal, "HEALTHY" range...
She asked my permission to share this with the office. She came back with a group of doctors and nurses, all congratulating me. I kept telling them my story.... Apparently, my doctor's office recently decided to recommend life style changes over medicine to those with high cholesterol. But, my doctor told me that they would eventually prescribe medicine to reduce the cholesterol because the "life-style" change was never enough to reach safer levels of cholesterol.
She said I was her first patient to achieve a 46 point reduction without medication...

— Ben


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— Bikram Choudhury

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